Why I’m Fuelling Off Positivity

It’s been a couple months now where I’ve had my positive and negative moments. Although I am aware, everyone on planet earth has this phase, I managed to convince myself that I am in a cycle of doom. This, however, is not the case, I am untangling myself from the cycle of doom.

In my recent adventures, I have found myself in local areas but have experienced the best memories and moments. Only a train away, Liverpool and Buxton have made me realise that this life is not for looking at the negative and gloom but looking at the happiness that surrounds you. Oh you’re probably thinking ‘look at this corny behaviour, she’s just saying that’ but no, I’m telling you, we need to fuel off positivity, surround ourselves with likeminded humans and be an optimist. We can’t achieve our goals with a negative mindset and negative people around us. We need to fuel off positivity.

I then managed to book a flight to Copenhagen, a random short trip that I will make many more memories off. This will also be my first experience on a plane (oh wow big achievement????) but it is to me.

2018 is my year, this time I mean it. Though it is nearly February and I am ready to gear up now, I am more geared up now than I have ever been. I am ready to begin a new journey, to learn more about myself and to learn more about the world.

My goal this year is to put myself in the deep end, in whatever possible, I want to find myself in positions where I feel uncomfortable but I will figure out what to do and to find solutions to any problems I face.

No more feeling sorry for myself and feeling gloomy when there’s little reason to, no more of this half arsed attitude to the world and the people around me.

I feel positive about now and about the future and I hope to take you all with me on my journey. Here is to a new start, not a new year but a new month and a chance to develop who I am.

Hello Youtube!

Hello all,

I have finally decided to begin video logging as well as blogging. It’s taken me a while to decide whether or not to join the whole Youtube thing but I’ve finally convinced myself that it’s better to try out something new than never trying at all.

My first Youtube video will be going up tonight, it’s uploading as I type this actually. I’m hoping to take you all along with me through my summer video logging anything exciting I do. Hopefully it all goes well and you all like the content I post but who knows?

Here’s to a new adventure!


Students living away from home more likely to be affected by increase in tuition fees.


All students studying in 2017/18 academic year in England and Wales will have fees increased by 2.8%.

Students that start studying at university in September 2017 and continuing students will see their tuition fees rise from £9,000 to £9,250.

For part time students these prices will go from £6,750 to £6,935.

Save the Student have said: “The government have indicated that a second wave of fee increases is on the cards for 2018.

They said: “In what they’re calling a second ‘trial year’, universities will be allowed to charge £9,500 regardless of teaching standards.”

Click here to listen to the tapewrite:


These increases have occurred due to so called ‘forecast inflation’, which predicts student loans will continue to rise alongside inflation in England and Wales.

We conducted a twitter poll earlier today with a total of 21 students expressing their opinions about the increase in fees.

Despite the increase being relatively higher, the students that took part in the poll have shown that around 50% feel affected while the other 50% don’t.





Our findings suggest that students who live on campus feel that they will be affected more by the changes than those who live at home.









BREAKING NEWS: Bigger and better names heading to MediaCity

During a press conference with Peel Holdings earlier today, plans were revealed that big names such as Buzzfeed, Sky News and The Financial Times are moving into MediaCityUK. 

By Beccie Simms, Lucy Fisher.

Buzzfeed, the well known American news company, will open their first UK base outside of London which will add a fresh form of journalism to the site.

The plans are set for completion in 2025, prevailing ten brand new mixed use buildings to increase a sense of community according to the developers.

Later this year, the construction of the first building will begin.

Alistair Houghton, spokesperson for Peel Holdings
(Photo Credit: Shafia Begum) 

Alistair Houghton, a spokesperson for Peel Holdings said: “It will be the perfect balance of business, pleasure and residential uses.”

Whilst MediaCityUK is well known for its prosperity with Journalism, commercial brands such as: Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and The Alchemist will be “coming here to truly help make this a destination” says Peel.


The build is set to cost the company £2billion but will provide more jobs, and tourism to Salford.

Despite this, concerns have been spread for the rise in homelessness throughout Manchester, and the lack of affordable houses was brought to the attention of the company.

They responded by saying: “It is very important to us that we have an element of affordable housing.”

With the rise of students studying in MediaCityUK, the question of expanding the University was brought up in press conference and shut down with Peel Holdings suggesting that they had no plans to expand the University in the near future.

They did praise the University however as being an integral part of MediaCityUK, naming it “an academic powerhouse that we sit in today.”

Buzzfeed and other companies coming to MediaCityUK, will provide more work experience and increase the level of jobs for graduates, perfect for our future workforce.

To create diversity on the site, Peel Holdings revealed that they wanted to unveil more green spaces amongst the nine plots for the purposes of the environment.

All of the spaces will be linked with new, open space. A nice change from the industrialisation of Manchester.

All together, the progression of MediaCityUK will provide a total economic growth with a £450million gross value added by 2025.

The reserved matters application will be submitted to Salford City Council in Spring next year.

Alongside BBC, ITV and Coronation Street, the project will bring a new sense of community to Salford.

Peel Holdings finally added: ‘’What we want to do is we want to create a community here, it’s not just about studios, it’s not just about offices, it’s not just about media, it’s about life.’’