It’s Rockin’ Beautiful: Peveril Castle

During exam season and especially when the weather is sunny outside, we cannot waste the day away indoors revising. Yes, revision is important but we are allowed to have days off right? We should be taking breaks to do what we love most, whether that is reading a book, going out for lunch with friends, or my favourite, going out for a hike somewhere.

Rocking Beautiful

This weekend, I was able to go upto Sheffield for the day. As you may or may not know, Sheffield is home to the best views in the North (everything seems to be so close to each other). It is full of greenery, beautiful old buildings but is also great for anyone who loves the city life.

Ofcourse back home in Manchester we have equally breathtaking views including places like Dovestones (in Oldham) but exploring out to different places just gives you that oomph of appreciation and content for the natural world (well it does for me anyway).


* Take hiking boots (not just trainers unless they have magic grip powers.

* Take plenty of water with you (keeps you going especially in the sun).

*Carry a light weight bag – people think this is completely obvious but taking lots of tiny useless things actually makes it heavier which then makes it harder to walk up a steep hill.

*DO NOT forget your sunglasses (if sunny, you don’t want to be wearing sunglasses in the rain).

I went down to Castleton for the day, from the photographs, though they are edited, you can easily tell that it was just incredible. Castleton is in the heart of Derbyshire’s Peak District. It’s quite big but I managed to make my way to the top of Peveril Castle. The castle is one of England’s earliest Norman fortresses and was built in 1176.

Once you get to the top of the castle, you’re standing looking towards Hope Valley and Cave Dale. Peveril Castle was named after William Peveril the Younger in 1156.

(View of Hope Valley and Cave Dale)

Although it is a bit of a hike to get to, it is definitely worth it. The stairs to the castle almost killed me off because of how steep they are, the amount of rocks in the way and without a water bottle I would have never have got up there (especially in the sun).

Peveril Castle is worth a hike up to, it is a popular tourist site and it only costs £5.90 for an adult ticket whilst a child ticket is £3.50. I am certain that I will be returning to get some more shots worth taking.

Hope you’ve had a good read, let me know of any places you have been to that have blown you away!



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