Why I’m Fuelling Off Positivity

It’s been a couple months now where I’ve had my positive and negative moments. Although I am aware, everyone on planet earth has this phase, I managed to convince myself that I am in a cycle of doom. This, however, is not the case, I am untangling myself from the cycle of doom.

In my recent adventures, I have found myself in local areas but have experienced the best memories and moments. Only a train away, Liverpool and Buxton have made me realise that this life is not for looking at the negative and gloom but looking at the happiness that surrounds you. Oh you’re probably thinking ‘look at this corny behaviour, she’s just saying that’ but no, I’m telling you, we need to fuel off positivity, surround ourselves with likeminded humans and be an optimist. We can’t achieve our goals with a negative mindset and negative people around us. We need to fuel off positivity.

I then managed to book a flight to Copenhagen, a random short trip that I will make many more memories off. This will also be my first experience on a plane (oh wow big achievement????) but it is to me.

2018 is my year, this time I mean it. Though it is nearly February and I am ready to gear up now, I am more geared up now than I have ever been. I am ready to begin a new journey, to learn more about myself and to learn more about the world.

My goal this year is to put myself in the deep end, in whatever possible, I want to find myself in positions where I feel uncomfortable but I will figure out what to do and to find solutions to any problems I face.

No more feeling sorry for myself and feeling gloomy when there’s little reason to, no more of this half arsed attitude to the world and the people around me.

I feel positive about now and about the future and I hope to take you all with me on my journey. Here is to a new start, not a new year but a new month and a chance to develop who I am.

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