Let’s Talk About Confidence and Self Love

So I’ve been meaning to write up this blog post for a while, I just didn’t know where to begin or how to go about it or just whether it should be written at all. I usually don’t post anything that is personal to me nor do I want to make myself look like I’m preaching something when I’m not completely aware of everything within the subject area. However, with this, I think I know myself well enough and here it goes.

For a few months I’ve been quite conscious of myself and how I present myself to others around me (though it only really started coming up-to the end of my first year at university). I was feeling very low about myself, looking at models and people within the media who are so much more ‘prettier’ or ‘skinnier’ than me. Though I don’t put on much makeup, I was going through a phase where I believed that without any makeup on whatsoever, people around me would judge me or think I’m just not pretty and all the rest of it that comes with a human’s insecurities. I’ve been at the gym quite regularly recently, waking up at 6, 7am in the morning to get there and get myself at a position where I feel that I’m no longer ‘ugly’ or ‘fat’. This week it finally caught up with me and I told myself I was going to get over this phase and push myself to believe what I used to believe and was very passionate about. I never believed in the ‘perfect woman’ or the ‘perfect shape’ so why did this come about anyway? We ALL come in different shapes and sizes and if we’re healthy and happy at where we are, then does anything else really matter.

So the journey continues, I’ve made myself understand that as long as I’m happy, I’m able to continue going to the gym but still believe that I’m going because I want to go and become a healthier version of myself, not a ‘less uglier’ version of myself. I don’t think it’s been very healthy thinking the way I have been, I’ve always thought that the pressures from the media would never get to me, as I’m a firm believer in self love and being confident in your own skin. I’ve always preached this idea of being confident in yourself but I’ve suddenly been caught up within the crowd believing these stupid ideologies of ‘perfection’.

There isn’t anything better than realising that you are so much better than you credit yourself for (wow, I’ve reach a new level of corny-ness). We shouldn’t ever feel like comparing ourselves to others around us, especially friends (guilty of doing that too!). Being confident in your own skin doesn’t make you egotistical or full of yourself, it’s something good and you should continue loving yourself, (though that sounds uber cringe). We all come in different blobs and that is perfectly fine. I’ll spare you any further cornishness or cringe, hope you’ve enjoyed, comment your thoughts and views about this, have you ever felt the same?






12 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Confidence and Self Love

  1. From the beginning,I had this feeling of awe and I was sure that this blog was going to be quite different and amazing . I’m glad your over the phase and believing that makeup isn’t really what makes a lady beautiful, it’s actually what lies within .
    Nice blog Shafia ,Keep up the good job 👏🏾

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  2. It is great to hear you are feeling better being you! And so you should, you are amazing!!! An inspiration to all those who know you, I have many friends but you are one who I know will go far!

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  3. Really liked this post! I’ve definitely had times when I’ve felt this way. Strangely, even though right now I’m not as slim or toned as I once was I’m far happier than I’ve ever been! Learning to love yourself and stop comparing to others is such a hard journey but life is so much more fun when you start feeling like you’re happy with yourself!
    Thanks for the uplifting read and I loved your pictures as well 😊

    Carrie x

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