Should Organ Donation Be Encouraged After Death?

A couple of weeks ago, I was out with some friends discussing some interesting topics and organ donation came up in conversation. Most of us said that we would actually be up for the idea, it would be helping to change people’s lives and that’s something we all want to do. However, someone did argue that it would be their organs, do they really need to give them away? What if you wanted to be buried with all your organs in place because that’s what makes you human right? Why would you give your heart away? It’s your heart.

I decided to take this discussion on Twitter and I tweeted out a poll. Below are the results of my twitter poll.

It’s clear to see that those who answered the poll thought that organ donation should definitely be encouraged after death. I then took it on to talk to a few people about their thoughts including Youtuber SubPixel. He has recently signed up to become an organ donor. Bloggers including Caitlin and Louise have also recently signed up to become organ donors and both discussed why they have done so.

SubPixel said that he had signed up to become an organ donor  because it’s a great thing to do. It is also something that will help someone who needs the help and would be the last nice thing he could do in this world. He added that it is important because you don’t necessarily need them when you die; was trying to get his friends to sign up to become organ donors too.

Caitlin, a blogger from Newport, said that she had recently signed up to become an organ donor as both her parents and her brother have already signed up. She thinks it is crucial for us to help those who are in need of organs as it would be completely changing their lives for good. Caitlin said that she decided to sign up after three weeks of thinking about it as it is something big. She had always imagined herself being buried with her organs as it seems to be the ‘normal’ thing to do. However, she also said that with the rise of organ donors, from what she knows, a lot of people will probably love the idea of organ donation anyway.

Louise completely agreed with Caitlin’s thoughts and said that she signed up to become an organ donor two years ago when she turned 20. Louise is a Mental Health blogger from Essex but said that become an organ donor has allowed her to understand her body a little bit more and the importance of maintaining your organs as healthy as possible. Though Louise believes that it is important to help those who need the organs after you die, she did say that she would not want to give away her heart as she feels that nobody should have her heart – it is hers and will remains hers.

Though most people I talk to about organ donation say that they are more likely to sign up and give their organs away rather than keeping the organs for themselves, there was  19% of those who answered the poll who thought that you shouldn’t need to be encouraged to give your organs away after you die.

Someone did message me on Twitter saying that they don’t like the idea of giving away their organs because it’s just ‘bizarre’. We’ve all been given our own organs so we should keep them, he said. We shouldn’t have people telling us that it’s a nice thing to do because we could still be nice people; just not wanting to give away our insides.

What do you think? Do you think we should be encouraged to give away our organs when we die? Get in touch!

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6 thoughts on “Should Organ Donation Be Encouraged After Death?

  1. This is such an amazing topic to discuss. I personally believe we should have an “opt out” system as so many people don’t sign up to be on the organ donation register but aren’t against it. I can totally see though why people are against it though, especially from a religious perspective!

    Tallulah x x


  2. Really interesting and important topic to discuss. I’d love to see more blog posts like this – not necessarily about organ donation but about IMPORTANT topics with a healthy discussion. I think it’s everyone’s personal choice and we can’t force anyone. But I do think it could be a better option for everyone to automatically be registered when they’re born and they can choose to “opt out” rather than currently choosing to “opt in”. That might encourage more people to do it. You hear SO many beautiful stories about organ donation ❤ xx

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  3. Found this a really interesting discussion topic. It’s not often that people actually stop to think about this – it’s mad how often you hear people ask ‘How do I see if I am donating or not? Don’t know if I am !’
    Thank you for writing this – it’s a good thing to discuss xx

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  4. For me personally, I definitely think we should donate our organs to save the lives of others. However I also totally understand that for many reasons there are people who wouldn’t be comfortable with their organs being donated after death. I actually studied this a bit in my Law degree, so it’s really great to read a blog post on this.

    Really interesting topic!

    Carrie x


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