The Happiest 5K that I did nOT run.

Photo credit: Sufia Begum

Though I did not take part in the run, The Colour Run was by far one of the best events I have been involved with. The amount of colour, fun and positivity the event held was ridiculous. Waking up at 6am was definitely worth it; I would do it all again.

Orange zone was where all the fun was at, I was completely covered with the paint at the end of the event. I even had it up my nose which was a bit hard to get out. There were over 9,000 people who had registered to take part in the run at Manchester’s Etihad stadium, it definitely felt like that. We had tubs of paint and I just kept having to refill the mustard jar.

There were people rolling around on the floor to cover themselves in more colour and people who just walked the run to get more colour thrown at them. There were so many unicorns and princesses who were completing the run for charities and more than just having fun.

The run was also a really good place to meet new people from all different backgrounds interested in the same thing, cOLOUR and fun. I would say I am without a doubt taking part in the run next year. It was just full of excitement. I didn’t get to interview anyone because of how busy the event was and because of how much paint there was. This was something that really disappointed me because it would have been an excellent place to interview people and get some really good photographs.

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