Northern Food Festival attracts visitors from all around the UK into Manchester.

The well known festival is running for the fifth year and has not only moved to a bigger location but also attracted all different people will all different diets.  

The festival previously held at the Sheridan Suite, moved to the Convention Complex in Manchester after being a success from the previous four years.

Attracting people from all over the U.K, it was described to be “the biggest one yet” by stall holders and visitors.

Josh Williams, 21, from Southport said: “I travelled here from Southport for my girlfriend Hannah, I’m not even a vegan but I think it’s brilliant because it’s awareness for animal rights.”

“It just shows that vegans can basically eat everything we eat but just in a none cruel way.”

Meat lover Sian Rose also attended the festival and said that she was open to the idea of veganism. “Before today I genuinely thought veganism would be so hard to take up.  Cutting meat and dairy out of your diet would be so hard but this event has just taught me that it’s not. You have so many other options.” she said.

This year, the festival was held at four different venues, the Convention Complex being the main. Other venue’s included The Friends Meeting House, Cross Street Chapel and  The Thirsty Scholar.

Vegan’s Samantha and Matt also attended the event. Both were surprised by the amount of people who showed up at the event.

“People who aren’t vegan might come along with their vegan friends and eat something vegan. They’ll realise it’s not just eating grass and seeds; it’s a good way to raise awareness.”

Stall holders “Mex it Up” said that the festival was ‘booming’ their business. The small business led by couple Marc and Sara serve 100% vegan food inspired by dishes from Mexico and USA. The stall holders said that the festival allows veganism is to expand.

“Last year it was smaller, this year it’s so much more bigger and better.”

“I couldn’t have cats and be like, I treat cats in one way and cows the other. I can’t do something massive but in my own space and life, that’s something I can make a big change in.”

The festival have now collaborated with other vegan festivals across the U.K and the world including ‘Halifax VegFest‘ and ‘Vegfest Guelph!’ in Canada.

Many visitors said that the festival should last for an entire weekend next time to not only generate more awareness about veganism but also because of the success of the festival.

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