19 Things to do before I’m 19.

I turn nineteen in July and I would like to make a “tiny” bucket list of what I want to do before my birthday so here it is.

Last year, I was able to take part in three different charity run’s (well I say run but really I mostly just walk/run/walked). This year I have not yet taken part in any but I don’t think I’ll be able to take part in one before my birthday which is a shame really because it’s such a great way to raise money for any great cause. However, I do still have plans to raise money for charity before I turn nineteen and here it is!
1) Do a charity 160ft Bungee jump in Salford Quays.

I have already signed up to this but who knows, I might be too scared to jump when it comes about. I think this is a great way to raise money for charity and I know that is will be incredibly fun to do.

2) Visit three places outside Manchester. 

I love Manchester and my home, but really I have never had the chance to visit places outside Manchester or really go out of Manchester. Before I turn nineteen I would really love to go out of Manchester and visit these new places. It would be really exciting to get some video logs there and also do some photography.

3) Start wearing contact lenses, get use to life without glasses.

I have worn glasses since the age of 13, I attempted to wear contact lenses last year in October but I never continued to wear them. Before I turn nineteen I want to try wearing contact lenses again and this time keep it up because it was actually nice being able to see without glasses.

4) Finish watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. 

Now this sounds like it’s such a small goal but I began watching the series but then stopped to watch other series and never got back to watching it again. The new series is now coming out so I will just continue being behind so before I turn nineteen I need to catch up on this.

5) Attempt to become Vegan for a week. 

My sister is a vegan, though I’m a vegetarian I would like to attempt veganism because not only is it better for the environment and less cruel to animals but it is also a challenge because without DAiry Milk I shall cry.

6) Go on a social media detox for a week. 

Now this is NOT a realistic goal to reach before my birthday but I want to set myself a challenge and this is definitely a challenge for me. I would say I spend about 10 hours on social media a day so living without it for a week would be refreshing.

7) Wear heels.

This is a mad challenge, I have never worn heels. Well, actually I did at prom for about 2 minutes.

8) Finish my 500 piece puzzle.

Before Christmas I bought a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle; I never finished making it and I would like to finish this puzzle before my birthday, that’s a challenge.

9) Publish 20 video logs. 

I have posted two so far on my YouTube channel but I definitely need to keep up with this and reach at least 20 before my birthday.

10) Go out in a colourful item of clothing.

This is a strange goal to reach before my birthday but I why not right? Maybe bright yellow.

11) Eat 5 fruits a day for a week. 

We are told to eat five fruits a day but hardly any of us do it. We never realise how easy it is to do it and to eat healthier like is. Especially in the Begum’s household. We have fruits in all the time.

12) Try coffee. 

I have never ever drank a cup of coffee in my life. I have never really wanted to and the smell of coffee puts me off it but I would like to try it before I turn 19 so there it goes on the list.

13) Finish reading the Quran. 

As a Muslim I think it’s important to be reading the holy book and as Ramadan approaches, I would like to read the entire Quran.

14) Reach 200 blog posts. 

I am slowly getting into regularly blogging what I do and just general things. I want to reach at least 200 blog posts before my birthday of good content which is meaningful and interesting.

15) Get my ears pierced. 

I once had my ears pierced but this healed up very quick after I stopped wearing them. I want to get my ears pierced once again!

16) Raise 100 pounds for a homeless shelter or charity. 

Homelessness is a big issues in society. I want to be able to do my part and raise as much money as I can for a homeless charity before my birthday.

17) Go to Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Believe it or not, I have never ever been here. I have always wanted to but I have never had the chance so there it goes on the list.

18) Learn how to make a mocktail.

Sam came up with this idea, she says to master the skill of mocktail making with different colours would be extremely challenging. 

19) Write a short story and attempt to get it published somewhere. 

Now I like writing but don’t know if I would be great at writing a short story. Before my birthday I would like to attempt writing a short story and event trying to get it out there.


6 thoughts on “19 Things to do before I’m 19.

  1. Love this post, I hope you manage to do all of these! Especially like number 19, to write a short story and get it published. It’s always good to challenge yourself and pursue your goals. I recently wrote a similar one except mine was 21 things before 21 haha xo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh I love posts like this! It’s so interesting to see what goals people set for themselves. To the last one: you can write and publish books through amazon, a friend of mine just published her second collection of poems there and it seems to be less complicated that way! xxx


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