My First Ask Italian.

So I have always gone on and on about going into Ask Italian but somehow I have never actually gone in (until now).  As someone who eats out very often, most of the time being the same places, it was nice to try something different but sort of the same food.

The Ask Italian menu has a wide range of food, though most is Italian (it is called Ask ITALIAN after all). It was actually really good with the Vegetarian options and even has a Vegan menu (so they cater for different diets). Though I stuck to my standard margherita pizza, it did actually taste different and I could definitely tell the difference between this one and the usual pizza places I go to.

The food prices weren’t too bad, though the dessert menu is a bit pricey. Course I can’t judge the entire menu because I have only really tried the most basic meals from the lot but from the taste of the pizza, I would definitely put it up in the top 10 Pizza’s I have ever had. You could easily tell that it was freshly made with the waiter coming up to you asking you what type of cheese you want and actually grating it in front of your eyes (this was something I really liked because who likes their pizza overly cheesy?).

Above you can see the dessert I had; I can’t tell you how delicious it was. Three scoops of ice-cream, biscuit and chocolate sauce cannot be beaten. Although it was pricey as I have mentioned already, I think the taste of it balanced it all out and I was very happy with it. (I am pretty sure Sam was also happy with her pear tart too!)

Overall, I thought that my first experience of Ask Italian was good. I would definitely go there again however order something different, not just the standard pizza. I would also ensure that I go in an empty stomach because I was full after three slices of that pizza. The place was also very clean, no doubt I can say that it was one of the cleanest places I have ever eaten. The staff cleaned up straight away, however we were in no rush to leave.

Laved it, another restaurant ticked off my list of places to try!


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