Students living away from home more likely to be affected by increase in tuition fees.


All students studying in 2017/18 academic year in England and Wales will have fees increased by 2.8%.

Students that start studying at university in September 2017 and continuing students will see their tuition fees rise from £9,000 to £9,250.

For part time students these prices will go from £6,750 to £6,935.

Save the Student have said: “The government have indicated that a second wave of fee increases is on the cards for 2018.

They said: “In what they’re calling a second ‘trial year’, universities will be allowed to charge £9,500 regardless of teaching standards.”

Click here to listen to the tapewrite:

These increases have occurred due to so called ‘forecast inflation’, which predicts student loans will continue to rise alongside inflation in England and Wales.

We conducted a twitter poll earlier today with a total of 21 students expressing their opinions about the increase in fees.

Despite the increase being relatively higher, the students that took part in the poll have shown that around 50% feel affected while the other 50% don’t.



Our findings suggest that students who live on campus feel that they will be affected more by the changes than those who live at home.









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