Earth Hour: Saturday 24th March

The poll results above highlight that most people who completed the poll do actually take part in Earth Hour. However there are many of those who completed the poll who didn’t even know what Earth Hour was.

(Course there are so many external factors which would make this poll not entirely reliable such as the exposure to the post, not many people would have seen it to complete it, but from what the data shows, it’s good to know that many do actually take part).

Earth Hour is a one hour event that takes place almost every year for climate change. It involves businesses and landmarks to set aside an hour to focus on making noise for climate change action. This year, Earth Hour takes place on the 25th March at 8:30pm (UK time).

Those who take part in Earth Hour should turn off all their non-essential electricity, as a sign that they support the project to protect the planet and to raise an awareness of climate change.

Working alongside WWF, Earth Hour raises awareness of the rising sea levels, melting glaciers and major changes with the weather.

Climate change has a huge impact on communities and ecosystems. There are forests burning, crop fields reducing along with water supplies and every day more and more animals are becoming extinct.

Earth Hour is important because with people all around the world facing extreme weather conditions and changes, we can do our own little bit. There are now more dangerous floods and storms, along with droughts and heatwaves. These aren’t just natural disasters but manmade ones.

Climate change is affecting the United Kingdom, so where we live, in different ways. This includes the sudden changes in the weather, the rising sea levels, threats to wildlife and more. Already in 2017, the UK has faced all sorts of weather patterns including Storm Dorris hitting the U.K in February.

Earth Hour allows millions around the world to take time to ponder on sustainability and the importance of taking care of the world we live in.

To take part in Earth Day you can donate your Facebook feed and join the movement to change Climate Change. Donating your Facebook feed means keeping friends and family updated on the cause and getting more people involved. It also allows you to have your say in what you think about Climate Change!

Last year, Earth Hour was celebrated in 178 countries and the International Space Station. Thanks to social media, millions donated their feed and social power to tackle and bring about change. However, this needs to continue because with the increase of carbon emissions and the melting ice caps, there needs to be an increase in raising awareness and actually working towards reducing our own carbon footprints and creating a more sustainable environment for future generations.

To get involved and to find out more information about Earth Hour head to:

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