RAG WEEK: The Overview.

Hello humans. 

As you’re probably aware RAG (Raising and Giving) week begins tomorrow! We’ve organised an entire week of events for anyone and everyone to come join in with. From a fashion show to a mini food festival. 

RAG week begins on Monday 13th March with a fashion show at the Students Union in Salford. Originally we wanted to keep the theme as a cultural fashion show but due to unforeseen circumstances, it’s been changed a little. We’re hoping to also have music and just a little bit of fun really with this.

On Tuesday, we’ve got a movie lined up with pizza and popcorn for only £3! RAG will be raising money for MediEquip4Kids. This is such a great cause and a great way to meet new people so do join us for a right good laugh (not really, it’ll need to be quiet! Hahah).

On Wednesday we’ve got our Food Festival! Who doesn’t love food??? This will take place outside the Students Union with a variety of different food stalls and treats. If you want free food then you know where to come to students 😉.

Thursday is going to be jam packed with fun with our Interfaith event. RAG have tried to get different societies to come together and talk about different beliefs. This event will also have food. 

Last but not least, Friday 17th March RAG have organised a charity quiz. Bring your friends along for some competition because the quiz winners receive a great prize 😉. 

This week is meant to be about raising awareness for different causes. At RAG we want to bring together different people, make new connections and meet more students. We want to reach out to students and with their help, we can help charities. So join us for a week of food and fun and help us make RAG week one to remember. 
I’ll be posting everyday with RAG updates so keep your eyes open! #RAGWeek2017 

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