Day One of my DECHOX has nearly ended!

DECHOX is a challenge to give up chocolate for an entire month to raise money for heart research. The challenge, led by British Heart Foundation has been taken up by over 40,000 people in the last two years.

As someone who eats chocolate daily I thought that this would be a great challenge for me as well as a great way to raise money for charity. When I say I consume chocolate on a day-to-day basis, it is no exaggeration. Every morning at University, I buy a medium hot chocolate with cream but that has got to change for this challenge (obviously)!

Today was actually okay when I think about it. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be (wait till day 7, I will not be saying that). Maybe it was because I wasn’t at university or because I had my mental state organised and was eager for this challenge to begin anyway. Though I watched my sister drink the medium hot chocolate that I was craving, I was satisfied with my cuppa tea and bakewell tart.

There was though a moment where I thought “does vegan chocolate count as chocolate because ‘technically’ it isn’t chocolate is it? I don’t know, maybe I’m just trying to find loop holes. I didn’t though, I didn’t give in. I want to go full on no chocolate consumption for 31 days and see how well I can cope. (By the way I googled whether vegan chocolate counts as chocolate and yes, yes it does).

Anyway, we shall see how well I do with this challenge and how long I can last. Maybe it will be the entire month, maybe not.

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