RAG’s HelpTheHomeless event.

Raising and Giving are a society at Salford University who are all about raising money and awareness for different causes. The society have managed to organise different types of events including tea parties, fundraisers amongst others to raise money for a particular cause.

In February the society decided to organise and event in which volunteers and of course the committee would make sandwiches and donate them to a food bank. However, because there were so many volunteers who had actually showed up on the day, they decided to go into Manchester to actually distribute the food themselves to the rough sleepers in Manchester.

Photo credit: Johnny Dean Hartin

As a member of the committee, I thought that this was a great opportunity to directly help, not only donating the food to the food bank but also talking to the rough sleepers and being able to listen to their experiences and just giving them a slight helping hand.

At around 11am, I was able to go shopping at LIDL to buy the food that was necessary to make these sandwiches. The list included the obvious bread and butter but also fillings such as cheese. We decided that we would make our own cheese and onion filling as well as  egg mayo as it worked out not just cheaper but also more healthier and more filling overall anyway.
























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